Crossroads PR

Crossroads is a PR communications agency in the Crossroads district of KC - a partner company of Barkley. What began as a regional PR firm has today grown to become a national leader in reputation management, cause branding and influencer relations. 

Crossroads approached me to collaborate with them on the redesign of their website. They wanted photography to play a central role in their new concept. I was told they needed to hire a great photographer to make this project a success (no pressure)!  They wanted portraits on location within downtown Kansas City's Crossroads district, featuring each partner in an area that they enjoyed such as local coffee shops or the train station.  They had a tight shooting deadline of all 16 partners and needed creative input on location and general shot ideas.  

We showcased the former TWA building where Crossroads in housed because of it's many spectacular features that were ideal for projecting the mood of the company.  The rooftop patio and coffee bar are with general coffee hour and beer time were scheduled for interactive group shots.

  I enjoyed the deadline oriented work with open creative potential.   

Take a look at what we created HERE.