United Inner City Services

 For more than 40 years, St. Mark Child and Family Development Center has met the urgent needs of neighborhood families for quality early childhood education. Annually serving more than 100 very low and low -income families in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Kansas City metropolitan area, St. Mark is recognized as one of the community’s outstanding early childhood development programs.

I began collaborations with United Inner City Services several years ago, photographing the children and staff during daily activities and events in order to give an authentic visual voice to the people of United Inner City Services.  It has been one of my favorite creative endeavors. The best part of this assignment was coming up with ideas for shooting locations as well as diving in with the kids to have fun and bring out the real smiles that are the best in kids.  The main obstacle was that most of them "wanted" to be photographed and then wanted to "see" the photograph.